Can someone tell me more about being a pagen?

I’d like to know about pagans (sorry spelt it wrong I think). So could anyone tell me abbit more about those people? thankyou :D

Answer #1

A Pagan is a person who believes that everything has a soul or spirit. This is called Animism, and all Pagan religions share this belief. Rivers, animals, rocks, trees, land are all filled with there own unique spirits for people who are Pagans. Traditionally, Christians believe that only humans have souls or spirits. Many environmentally conscious Christians today share the belief with Pagans that all forms of life have a soul. Pagans see the divine spirit in all life, as do some members of other religions.

There are hundreds of different Pagan Religions. Some of the best known Pagan religions are Buddhism, Shintoism, Native American Religions, Hinduism, Taoism, Wicca, Druidism, Asatru, Shamanism, Neo-Paganism and Eclectic Paganism.

Some Pagans are Witches, some are not. Many Pagan groups do not practice Witchcraft. Wiccans are a type of Pagan Witches, there are also Dianic Witches, Green Witches, and other types of Pagan Witches. There are also Christian Witches, many of these people are practicing Christian, but also practice Witchcraft. Santeria is a South American religion that is a blend of VooDoo, Witchcraft and Christianity.

Answer #2

You are working my nerves, no where in that ma’am does it say that people worship the devil… oh wait IT DOESNT!

Yes, there are plenty of Pagen religions, I already stated that. Pay attention my dear. Where in that did you see Devil Worshiper though?

You assumed that she was going to worship the devil because she asked what a Pagan was, that’s ignorant and false.

Answer #3

Paganism is a legitimate, coherent and responsible spiritual path to which many people are attracted in these days of ecological concern. To be a Pagan in the 20th (and 21st) century is to hold and believe in the sacredness of all things; to revere and respect all life; and to love and honour one’s family and friends.

sounds like new age thinking… has nothing to do with God…

Answer #4

yet some believe the rules of God do not apply to them.

…and some believe they do. Just like some believe that no god(s) nor their rules exist, and some believe he/they do. Its all simply BELIEF, since nobody can prove they’re right…

Answer #5

By Christain philosophy any worship outside of God is the worship of “The Devil”. The concept is that if it is not of God then it is of the Devil, but keep in mind by that philosophy also judgment could be a form of evil. Judgment comes only from God, yet some believe the rules of God do not apply to them.

Answer #6

Pagen’s do NOT worship the devil, they dont even belive in the devil in most cases. Geez.. ignorance at it’s best up above. Wow.

Answer #7

Pagans worship nature, all things are living in some way, usally respect and celebrate the cycles of the earth.

Answer #8

The term “pagan”, from a Western perspective, is not always an accurate term, because as others have pointed out, it encompasses a very broad, diverse spectrum of belief systems, some of which bear little resemblance to each other. Christians, Jews, and some Muslims often refer to pagans as anybody who does not adhere to a monotheistic religion. So, the mythology and folk beliefs of the Greeks, Vikings, Incans, Baltic tribesmen, Goths, Celts, Romans, Incans, Aztecs, and many others are all considered “pagan”.

Some pagan religions are pantheistic, others are polytheistic, and still others are animistic. Almost all folk religions are considered pagan, although they have often blended with larger organized religions. A good example is in China, where traditional folk religion, or paganism, has become intertwined with Buddhism, Taoism, etc.

Answer #9


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