What can I do I have a one month old baby whos teething?

I have a one month old baby with 2 teeth at the bottom that have come through and two more coming through at the top what can I do to ease it ?

Answer #1

Suckle him, only it will hurt you…

Answer #2

Wet washcloths (or socks or whatever), let them freeze, & use that for baby to chew on. Vodka on your fingertip rubbed over the gums works like orajel & doesnt cause excess drooling.

Answer #3

orajel ! my brother teethed really bad, he couldnt even sleep. but the trick is to only put a tinnyyy bit. cus other wise it will make his mouth numb and he will have too much spit to deal with(if not already !) and might have worst problems sleeping swallowing ectt.

:DD - much love. <3

Answer #4

Put a little bit of alcohol on your finger and rub it where the gum is.

Answer #5

Ice in a sock? Water can’t hurt a baby that young, and there’s not enough water in ice to fill up on. You might be changing diapers more often.


Answer #6

hmmm at that age calpol isnt allowed and bonjela can no longer be used either…

its best to just use a dummy

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