How to help a teething baby?

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My oldest son loved to chew on wet clean washclothes. I always kept some in the refrigerator because the coldness seemed to help some. Massage your babies gums, that also gives temporary relief. Chew toys are wonderfull, especially if they're cold. I know this sounds odd but have you ever seen those silicone baking dishes? They have ones that are for cupcakes and a friend of mines baby always chews on them (also cold). They calm her down when she's teething.

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After three kids my only suggestion are the teething rings that freeze. When babies are teething its the teethe ripping thew the gum that hurts. So when they bute down on something hard it helps them com in faster. As for pain orajel always works!!

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wisky it sounds redneck but just a drop on your finger. orajel will harden the gums and make it hurt more in the long run. im a pharmacy tech, I know what im talking about

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Get them soft chew toys. I found that the ones that were filled with liquid worked well, and make sure you freeze them sometimes, as it's soothing to their gums.

You'll notice they have a fever sometimes, and usually your pediatrician will recommend a small dose of tylenol, however, check with your doctor BEFORE giving your baby anything.

Try a variety of chew toys for your baby as well, as different toys will work for different kids.

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