How to help my baby's hair grow faster?

My little girl is 1 and her hair is growing slowly what could I put on her hair to make it grow faster and thicker to see some results

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just to note, massaging the scalp isnt harmful,or criminal.
just wanted to add.
my favorite thing my boyfriend does to me, is massage my scalp when were going to bed.

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Maybe you all lost all the sense in the world?

Your baby daughter will grow her hair in at her own pace. Why start her off on the wrong foot with chemicals, massages and so on right now??? That's criminal!

Our girl started off growing very slowly. And it was not until year 2 that her hair started growing very fast and long. Its down to her little butt right now, and we're contemplating trimming it :-)

Please, please, please... let her hair grow at its own pace, instead of yours.

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massaging the scalp with help activate the growth process

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maybe there are shampoos for that well you could always try to google it!:)

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