help with the baby's birthday

I have less then a day for my baby sim’s birthday. The dad is watching over the bady in her crib and he is not moving. Any commands I ask him to do his still wouldn’t move. all it says that “help with birthday”, it’s been a over 7 hours and he still wouldn’t move. How do I get to help with the birthday or get the father to move out of the way. I try the move objects on and nothing is happening. Please help

Answer #1

what sims ru playing? ts1? ts2? ts3? …usually it means the game has frozen, or the baby created a glitch. try pressing help with birthday.. also… try exiting the game completley and reloading.

good luck.

Answer #2

r they moving at all bc th egame might be froze

Answer #3

either exit the family or game, restart it. the baby will grow up regardless of what you do.

Answer #4

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Answer #5

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