What do you do to calm yourself down and put your mind at ease after having a really bad nightmare?

Answer #1

I cry for a minute and then tell my husband about it like I used to tell my parents. He barely listens because he’s asleep, but he always lifts the covers and allows me to lay with him for a moment while I calm down. When he holds me, I know I’m safe and that everything will be okay. I take comfort in that. Most of my worst nightmares involve him dying, and his are all about me dying as well. Thus we both have established the holding rule as a way to say “Hey baby, I’m alright.” That’s just my remedy though :)

Answer #2

That was the most adorable thing I’ve ever read. :3 Awww

Answer #3

Lol, thanks :)

Answer #4

make yourslef busy all day and having some fun with your friends will make you forget your bad nightmare.:)

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