Need to know really bad!

If your boyfriend uses a condom and pulls out before he ejaculates its kinda impossible too get pregnant right? Theres like a .1% too get pregnant because doesn’t the sperm have to meet the egg? Im I right?

Answer #1

Odds are probably slim however not 100% proof - the only 100% is abstinence.

Answer #2

Yes you are right. Most guys actually cum in the girl with a condom on. and the girl never gets pregnant. the only way you could get pregnant while a guy is wearing a condom is if the condom breaks. but you and him would be able to feel it. my advice to is to always have him pull out. I have a kid with my girlfriend because we had unprotected sex. but we stopped using condoms, and after we stopped using them, she got pregnant. I still pulled out though. your fine

Answer #3

I really dont think you would be able to feel the condom break..

Answer #4


Answer #5

There is never “impossible” when it comes to having sex and getting pregnant. It would be a very, very low chance for pregnancy to occur if he used a condom and pulled out, but still not impossible.

Answer #6

the sperm does have to meet the egg but as long as he wears a condem you should be fine. but if he does not use condem and pulls out there is pre ejackulation that is very potent and you can def. get pregnant from that!

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