Is this a bad thing to do with your friends?

Ok well I do not were a bra yet soo yeh. ( I do not need one dont worry!) An I know this kinda sounds weird but. ok so some times we go in the basement and we will start talking and we play thins game wetry to catch a ball in our shirt( it is really fun. ) but then when I throw it back to her and my nippels show a littel bit, then some how I will end up being like OMG the shirt is asome I can see strait through it (just an exsample) then she is like wow put your shirt over your head and tell me if you can tell what I am doing! SO I do it, then she can see my nippels. And they are getting bigger. But do you think that is totally weird and BAD I mean yeh. We kind of do stuff like that a lot I dont mind a ton. But it is kinda weird. So do you think that is a bad thing to do , sorry it is so long!

Answer #1

You are 14 years old and I think that you should start covering your body like a woman would. Although you might not feel like it, your body is developing and becoming older. Practice modesty.

Answer #2

well, you’re 14! and if you can start to see your nipples through your shirt, you should at least start getting a training bra! hon, I started wearing one when I was like 12! ahahaha… come on now, you’re in juniour high!! you do need to start your bra shopping! and if you’re so open with your body when it comes to your friend, than… you should be fine asking your mum to take you to La Senza, La vie en Rose, Arie… ect to get yourself some traing bras! I think you mum would say “it’s time” as well!

Answer #3

if you dont mind than why are you asking people if it is wrong of couse its wrong unless your gay

Answer #4

Ummm no its not like she doesnt have the same things you do

Answer #5


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