Obama's Racial Statements?

I was talking to my mom,and she said she doesnt like Obama,because he’s racist and has made racial statements in the past.Something about “typical white people”. Can anyone tell me what he said,or what he meant?

Also,How can he be the next president if he hasn’t produced a birth certificate? And is it true he’s produced two,but they were both different and from separate countries?

Answer #1

The typical white person statement was when Obama said that his grandmother was a typical white person who was afraid of black people. I think he was talking about in the past. That statement is racist and stereotypical no matter what time he was talking about. I am so tired of African Americans that say negative things about Caucasians. How dare they! It is embarrassing that I am the same race as people who would say negative things about people who have never done anything to you. This is not the 1950s. Not that it was okay then either. Only a small percentage of people were racist. From my understanding, Obama has refused to produce a copy of his birth certificate, and his Kenyan grandmother said that she was in the delivery room when he was born and that he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. I have heard those things a lot. I do not know what the truth is, but if that is the truth, Obama does not have the right to be president.

Answer #2

Nothing your mother told you is true. Don’t believe the rumors. Go and investigate things for yourself.

Answer #3

Remains to be seen - the birth certificate issue not clarified - he called Rev Wright, his ‘mentor’ of 20 years with the Rev known to have a dim view of America and white people - maybe he did or did not make an impact on Obama’s judgement / world views - he made many promises of ‘change’, whether they’ll be positive or negative, we’ll have to wait and see.

Answer #4

The offense was a statement like this: “I am so tired of African Americans that say negative things about Caucasians. How dare they! “ That amoing other things. I would suggest you investigate things you “just heard that a lot on the internet” bfore you go repeating them. Because you posted nothing but lies.

Answer #5

well that is bullsh*t because how would a person who is half white hate himself…it is all lies set up to make him look bad because he has such a wonderful and cookie cutter perfect image.

Answer #6

Don’t you know…everything he ever did or said that might not shine, was just “rumor”…


Answer #7

I didn’t hear anything about racial statements but I have heard that he is refusing to turn over his birth certificate. =\

Answer #8

It’s all rumors.

Get used to them. Some people don’t like him because of his more liberal views on things. Rumors go around about every president, it’s bound to happen.

Answer #9

jimahl, I admit that you are right when you said I should investigate things that I hear on the internet before I report them. I read a report on AOL that disproved some of those rumors, but I am not certain if all of them have been disproven. In regard to the other things, I was just expressing my opinion. I understand that you support Obama, but why are you being so defensive?

Answer #10

Mrscobaine, his birth certificate was released to the public. He was born in Hawaii after Hawaii became a state. The only controversy is why the * right wing ideologues continue to push this down unfortunate peoples throats. For the birth certificate see: http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_usa.html

And for racist statements see: http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/sliming_obama.html

Obama will probably be more of a centrist than leftist. He has a track record in Illinois as well as Washington for bringing both sides together.

Answer #11

Amblessed, now that McCain got completely destroyed in the election, and the country has rejected your conservative ideology, are you still going to continue to peddle your lies?

He has produced his brith certificate. There is no further clarification needed, other than to say it is typical right wing smears to suggest he is not a citizen.

Answer #12

nigil800, I agree with jimahl. You are an idiot.

Answer #13

Whats the whole controversey on his birth certificate,and the whole smudge thing? Can someone explain?

Answer #14

nigil800. I am sorry, but you are an idiot…

Answer #15

“Don’t you know…everything he ever did or said that might not shine, was just “rumor”…”

Phrannie, do you have some proof that his birth certificate is not real? Do you have some proof that he is a radical muslim, or that he was sworn in on the koran? Do you have proof he doesn’t say the pledge? Do you have some proof that he was involved with ayres outside of the board the served on together? Do you have proof of what was said in Trinity church every time Obama attended?

Are you honestly trying to say that there were not many many false rumors being spread about him?

Answer #16

It’s a simple as this.

Racism is still around and still a huge deal. They will try anything and everything to try and keep him out of office - obviously the racist are not smart enough since he was elected and is the president.

Answer #17

jimahl and utopia, why are you attacking me? Obama made that comment in a speech. I do not know for certain if the comment about his grandmother is true, but I have just heard that a lot on the internet. I have also heard there is a source, but no one would really know unless they hook her up to a lie detector and ask her if she said that. I was just thinking if she really did say that, what reason would she have to lie? Would she have anything to gain from it? I am sorry if I offended you, but I was just reporting what I have heard.

Answer #18

well you see, racists question if Obama is from a different country because of his skin color and name. really nothing more to it than that. some guy claimed he had obama’s real birth certificate and an audio tape of his grandmother saying he wasn’t born in america and he tried to sue obama and force him to show his birth certificate. but since the guy was an obvious wack job and obama clearly had a Hawaiian birth certificate the case wasn’t even allowed to go to court. yet the obama haters still will not let it go.

Answer #19

I am not being defensive. I am being truthful.

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