What should I do when someone calls me racist?

I live in the Oakland, California area and and the overall majority of my school is democratic (I know this because of a survey that was taken). I, on the other hand, am more of a right wing independent (or I guess you could call me republican but I am not totally right wing). I find that whenever I talk about my beliefs I get called a racist, or some other nasty name, and I tend to react by saying I am not racist but I could never prove that I am not racist, no one ever can. What should I do, since this really does hurt and I know that I am not a bad person but it really hurts inside when people call me this. Any advise would be helpful, Thanks

Answer #1

Ignore it, they’re speaking out of ignorance - yet they preach ‘tolerance’ - go figure.

Answer #2

I see what you mean. Sometimes stating a fact is seen as contentious. I think that you get to know where you can be absolutely open. Your fact is presumably true, and not meant to be racist, but you might still avoid making it around people who aren’t open minded, or even around people who actually ARE racist, and who would take your comment as supporting them.

So my experience is that you can speak openly with intelligent, well-educated, open-minded people, and your comment will be discussed reasonably and without prejudice. But if you say the same thing amongst people who will just call you a racist, or will get racist themselves, then you have to learn to hold your tongue.

I learned that the hard way - I asked colleagues a ‘What would you do?’ question about beggars, and recieved a really mean diatribe about how evil all foreign beggars are. Now I’m a lot more careful about who I say these things to.

Answer #3

People tend to assumptions about Republicans, and one of these assumptions is that they’re racist. Now it is an unfair stereotype, but apart from challenging their beliefs, (logical argument will always confuse unsubstantiated claims) there isnt much you can do about this…

Answer #4

If you know you’re not a racist, don’t worry about it.

I wonder, though, maybe you’re accidentally making racist comments?

Answer #5

No, saying we have illegal immigrants from Mexico is not a racist statement, it’s just a fact.
Saying, “I hate Mexicans,” or “All illegal immigrants are Mexican,” or something like that would be racist.

I have black friends, I have Indian friends, Asian, whatever, all races…and I’m against illegal immigration. It has less to do with race, and more to do with the fact that they aren’t coming here fairly and legally.

If the illegal immigrants were white, I’d still be against it.

Answer #6

Thanks so much for your answers. Underwaterophelia, last time someone called me a racist was because I said that we have a problem with illegal immigrants coming her to America, and especially in California because we live near the Mexican border. Someone said I was racist for saying that we have illegal immigrants from Mexico here but that is a known fact.
Was that a “racist” thing to say? (really, I want to know if it is)

Answer #7

I think it might be because (who ever yuu talk 2 about it) have different beliefs and they might not like hearing other beliefs (Which is stupid) I dunno I think yuu just shouldnt talk 2 them about what yuu believe in (but then again they should learn to get used to it!)

Answer #8

it is so hard to make, what seems to you, totally innocent comments and have your words turned against you. but to another person just the fact that you stated that “we have a problem with illegal immigrants coming here to America…” using the word “problem” sets the tone. I know you don’t want to watch every word you say but you might have to if you don’t want the negative comments. just remember, that what seems innocent to you, might not seem so innocent if the shoe were on the other foot. subtle references or words sometimes explode the most.

Answer #9

that comment is not raciest, its stating a fact, check the actual percentages and so on then make the same statement to the same person again, when they call you racist you can back up your claim with factual evidence, proving it is not a racist comment.

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