How do you make your boobs bigger

how do you make your boobs bigger?

Answer #1

get a stretchy jump rope or something long and stretchy and hold your arms infront of you and pull your arms away from eachother and do it everyday for about a month and you will see results but do it everyday for 5 minutes

Answer #2

go have lots of unprotected sex. (kidding, please dont) just go buy some of those silicone inserts at wal mart. its the poor womans boob job

Answer #3

Implants!! No, just kidding! Go look at Victoria Secrets or Fredricks of Hollywood. They sell some really good bras that are very uplifting! Breast tissue isn’t made up of muscle, so I don’t see how you could do anything to make them bigger. Muscle lays under the breast tissue, so maybe that might possibly do something.

Answer #4

well its easy. try not to do jumping jacks it will make your boobs droop. Drink 1% of milk daily. dont put on the bras tight then the muccel of your boobs will get presured and will be harder to grow. When your boobs are hurting it will mean 2 things. 1:your boobs are growing only 2inches or less or more. 2: it will mean that your periode is coming. Relaxe your boobs like not pushing them out. dnt let NOBODY touch it Then they be tiny or if any body hits it hard u could end up with breast cancer or they wont grow…

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