What can I do if I keep bleeding and it won't stop?

Answer #1

well where are you bleeding from and how much blood is there?

Answer #2

where its bleeding from???

Answer #3

its been 2hrs since u asked this qtn. so my qtn to u is r u still bleeding… if yes u should prbly go to the hospital quickly. sry for the late answer lol

Answer #4

Oh,My god,I am sorry to hear that. You can try to use wound pastes,Or put more Prickly heat powder ;Hope it can help you. Please go to see doctor.

Answer #5

I hope the bleeding has stopped right now. taking enough vitamins and zinc should help to heal the cuts

Answer #6

wrap it in a towel or something and if you continue bleeding then definatly go to the hospital

Answer #7

I hope you have stopped bleeding by now, if not you may not be reading this reply… But first you should wrap the wound tightly with gauze or a towel, and if it is still bleeding you NEED to get to a hospital or doctor, like fast…

Answer #8

for future concern…keep ferric perchloride at home .its a liquid which is applied externally……and then there is ethamyslate..in tablet and infection and i guess in liquid form as well which accelerates the production of thrombophobin……stops the bleed at once

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