How do I stop bleeding from a cut toe?

I cut a chunk off my toe it’s been bleeding for about an hour now. Band-aids won’t work should I try to drop some candle wax on it?

Answer #1

In the end I followed jamiebby416’s advice and it worked fine so thanks. Wish I had tried the candle wax I think it would have worked. O.o

Answer #2

I can live with losing a cup or so of blood… and I’m not in the boy scouts but I did have a burning candle in the room… so ya.

Answer #3

umm first of if you chopped a chunk off of your toe then you need to go to the emergency room high blood loss can cause your toe to become numb and unable to move which could result in a toe amputation and candle wax really?were you in the scouts or something?

Answer #4

no were on earth did you get that idea? hold the wound with your fingers to stop the blood flow get a bigger badgage (the square ones you use for bigger cuts) and put that on if you dont know how to stop the bleeding properly see a doctor or go to the hospital as soon as you can so they can properly bandage it

Answer #5

Lol was just a random thought while asking the question. I’ve no bigger bandages and I’m not going to a doctor over a bleeding toe… I know someone knows a quick cure.

Answer #6

ditch the band-aids and hold a towel on it to stop the bleeding.

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