Why won't my grandfather's arm stop bleeding after he got a scratch on it?

For the past couple month’s he’s had these strange marks on his arm that looks like blood under the skin.. anyways lastnight he says he fell into the livingroom chair, and got scratched….all night his arm was bleeding pretty bad from a tiny little scratch….but he’s also stubborn and refuses to go to the doctors or hospital, we’ve triied countless times but he wont go….what could the blood marks be (they kinda look like bruises but made from blood) ? and why won’t his arm stop bleeding? Thanks

Answer #1

maybe he doesn’t have enough hemo globen.. is he diabetic? cause that might cause it

Answer #2

I’m not to sure if he’s a diabetic, but his son (my dad) was but recently passed away due to corinary heart disease…..but my grandfather drinks wine EVERYDAY, about a bottle. plus when we asked the pharmasict what his prescriptions were for they said they were all blood thiners….and he also put’s salt in his hand about 4 times a day and just put’s it in his mouth. if any of this info help…

Answer #3

i am no expert so i dont really know but my aunt is diabetic and she is the same way with the bruise and bleeding thing but she doesnt drink wine all that often so i dont really know sorry :(hope he gets better though

Answer #4

Is (one of) your Grandfather’s prescription(s) for Warfarin ?

Answer #5

If he is diabetic that can be the cause of it? Try putting pressure on it, if not best thing to do is to go to the doctor, you don’t want him to bleed more than he should.

Answer #6

Sounds like it could be the blood thinners causing it. You should force him to go to the doctor. The medication mixed with the alcohol has life threatening effects and he could have internal injuries and damages that he doesn’t know of. You are his family, get everyone to gang up on him and force him to go to hospital.

Answer #7

shudders nasty stuff.

Answer #8

that could force him into not trusting them though.. and he needs there support most likely not being forced into things but i do agree he needs to go to a doctor

Answer #9

NB It is also supplied under the brand names Coumadin, Jantoven, Lawarin, Marevan, and Waran.

Answer #10

I do believe it has something to do with the blood thners aswell, but we’ve constantly triied to get him to go to the hospital whn these blood mark under the skin first appeard…they also made his arms sore. He would tell us “I’ll go tomorrow” bu then he wouldn’t go….we even had people from his church come here to try and convince him…but he still wouldn’t go…..the pain in his arms seemed to have subsided…but now a tiny cut is bleeding alot! within an hour it filled up a cloth. We don’t know what more to do…he refuses to get help, and I highly doubt he’ll stop drinking which is probaby only adding to the problem. I’m kinda just hoping for at home possible things we can do to help…if he still won’t go get help. any suggestions?

Answer #11

Get a doctor to come to your house, tell him before you get the doctor. I wasn’t speaking of using physical force, more like guilt. We had to use that for my father about a week ago, when he was admitted his heart rate was 220 bpm. So I say that if you are worried do something about it. Men are stubborn to go to doctors (not all, but a lot of them). Tell him that if he doesn’t go you’ll force him. He needs to go, I wouldn’t care about the trust thing if he is in danger of bleeding to death from a simple fall or bump.

Answer #12

Could he be a hemophiliac?

Answer #13

It may be that he maybe a freebleeder. Its hard to stop bleeding on people that is freebleeders. Our he may have high blood that can cause heavy bleeding from a cut or scrape.

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