Why won't my period stop?

I started the Pill on the 10th of May when I came on my period and I’m still bleeding which is unusual for me, can you tell me when it may stop or what I should do?

Answer #1

There is no real given time, it shouldn’t last more than a few days to a week; however, anything more would be a little irregular.

Just treat it as you normally would, and don’t worry so much about it… If you do have any concerns or Questions:

You can speak with a Yale-New Haven Hospital RN: 1(877) 688-1101.

They are Very helpful, and are there On the line to Aid you if you wish to speak with a Medical Professional ASAP:

Now, in the even that they are alittle backed up, And if a Wait is from 3-10 mins… You can actually have them call you back! Its nice…

I hope you feel better!

Good Luck!


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