How do I stop it from bleeding?

the top of my arm that won’t stop bleeding it has been bleeding for about half a hour but I wount stop no matter what I do. its not a big spot but it still hurts is this serious and what can I do about it?

Answer #1

Try cleaning it then put a lot of pressure with ice ?

Answer #2

now it stops bleeding for a few saconds ever few minutes but it stars again

Answer #3

Uhm nothing should be bleeding for half an hour. The way to stop bleeding is to press on it and dont let go till it stops bleeding. If you’re losing a lot of blood then you may have to go to the ER.

Answer #4

Have you tried to put a bandage on it (in a period when it stops bleeding) and seeing what happens? If it bleeds out from under the bandage then that’s problematic. I mean I’d really have to see how you got hurt.

Answer #5

put a lot of pressure on it. put a bandage on it. if it doesn’t stop then go to the ER because loosing too much blood can lead to death

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