What do I do when my ear won't stop twitching and it's driving me absolutely mad?

The cartilage on my left ear won’t stop twitching! It’s like when your eye twitches… BUT WORSE BECAUSE IT WON’T STOP! It’s been twitching non-stop for about 4 hours now and it’s actually beginning to drive me up the wall. I want to scream! What can I do to stop it?! Has this ever happened to you- what did you do?!!

Answer #1

That happened to me earlier but with my eyebrow! It was like moving by itself. I thought I was gonna be having a permanent eyebrow raised look but now is gone. :)

Answer #2

Haha you’ll look permanently surprised and I’ll look permanently… like the woman with the wonky ear :|

Answer #3

Ha, ha! Well mine was in just the left eyebrow, so just one raised eyebrow. Like creepy!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #4

My bf’s eye kept twitching the entire day yesterday and today it went away. We were researching and we found out that twitching can be caused by stress or not enough rest.. so maybe if you sleep for a while it can go away. relax :)

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