What is your favorite kind of beer?

What is your favorite kind of beer?

Answer #1

Bud and Corono extra !! , San miguel isint that bad either, storngbow cider rocks, Wisen beer of germany is awesome, Carlsberg is also pretty good

Answer #2

probably a yuengling or sam adam’s boston lager

Answer #3

lol, im wit all of you guys.. I dont like beer.. more like “b!tch beer” like mixes and mikes hard lemonade…

Answer #4

I think beer is sooo nasty!!!

Answer #5

budlight but I dont drink no more

Answer #6

water haha I don’t drinkkk

Answer #7

Tecate! and a fat green blunt!

Answer #8

Well I like what you are having!! Dang you can call me up for a party anytime! lol

Answer #9

Wailua Wheat ale with Passion fruit =]

Answer #10

Stella Artois is my favorite, but I have champagne tastes and a Kool Aid budget, so I drink way more Bud Light. :)

Answer #11

bud light lime keystone

Answer #12

bud light all the way! haha

Answer #13

MGD, or Budweiser :)

Answer #14

Coors light & Bud light.

Answer #15

budlight and guinness…

also san miguel pale pilsen and strong ice

Answer #16

budlight and but I like mix drinks more!!!

Answer #17

what ever beer my friends can get me XD its hard 2 get it when its sort of illegal 4 you 2 get it but I dont like it hehehe so no 1 will ever c me wasted on that stuff thooo if you were 2 ask bout some other drinks lmfao jk jk I drink but not 2 the point I get drunk (I am never with anyone I trust enough)

Answer #18

I only drink 2 beers a month but when I do its Land Shark

Answer #19


Answer #20

I dont like beer I like vanilla vodka

Answer #21

bud light is the shyt

and I like canadian mist, tequila, jim bean, gentelman jack, and ect.

Answer #22

Budlight and Budweiser

Answer #23

Refuse to drink beer but if I had to pick something simulair to a beer like a malt liquer it would be mikes hard lemonade. Lol. However I dont really like thoise either I like screw drivers and gaorgie peaches. haha.

Answer #24

yuengling, guiness, and I’ll honestly opt for cheap sh!t if that’s all there is like Natural ice. Clamatos are pretty good too, because nobody will ever want to share them with you. and I like tomatoes and clams with my beer I guess. (So if this is a question about what beer you like why are all these b!tches coming in here to say they hate it?)

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