Which country makes the best beer?

I was born in Germany, and now I’m living in Germany again temporarily. It may come as a surprise to some people that I say this, but German beer is kind of overrated. There are several brews I like, such as Krombacher and Erdinger. But American brews like Samuel Adams are just as good as the best German beers. Surprisingly, one of the best beers I’ve ever had was in Japan. Asahi Super Dry, very good stuff.

But my all time favorite beer would have to be the Luxembourgesh brand Diekirch, especially the Pils. Very tasty.

So who do you think makes the best beer in the world? Or at least, which brew is your favorite?

Answer #1

Germany makes great lagers but to tell the truth I prefer Czech lagers to German lagers. England makes the best ales.

All in my opinion of course.

Answer #2

I have good feedbacks on kenyans beer… its manufactured in kenya.

Answer #3

Red Stripe Jamaican Beer.

Hooray for Beer!

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