Back and lower leg injuries.

So I went to my trainer at my school to talk to her about my lower back and lower left leg. They seem to hurt a lot when I bend backwards and walk/run on my leg. My back feels like I cant breathe when I lean back. It wont seem to go away and my leg has been hurting for a while and at first it was just a little spot about the size of my thumb and now its the size of my fist. It hurts so bad and I don't know what to do. The trainer said it might be a stress fracture but I don't know what to do about that. I'm a gymnast and I have a huge meet next week and everyone is telling me that I shouldn't compete. I want to compete but I dont know what to do about making the pain go away. any sugjestions?

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hiye lass sorry t ear about ye back its no joke I know,,, the leigal option is a beater blocker they do work , o fet, speed anfettamins. but you'd get into so much crap 4 that 1. the doc will prob give you ibupafen its an aniti inflamatrey and rest thats the best thing but if you realy wanna go then a beata blocker...

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You say something about something on your leg that started small but now is the "size of your fist". What are you saying it is ? A knot! What is it!
You need to have your parents take you to the Dr and have him/her look you over and he will tell you what he feels is wrong. Then he will devise a treatment plan specifc to you. But you need to see him soon. if you don't you could be looking at chronic back and leg pain for the rest of your like.
Good luck!! {=

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seek a medical attention immediately..your health is the more important thing, don't compete if you want to feel better...

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