What is this shooting pain down my lower back and legs?

I’m 13 and back in August I was diagnosed with 17 degree scoliosis. I had very bad back pains on the left, lower side of my back, which is where my curve is too. So that is the reason of my back pain, but now I have a new pain. Starting about 3 months ago, I would get a very bad shooting pain starting in my lower back, at my spine. It would continue through my legs and literally knock the feeling from them, and I’d fall and immediately start crying cause it hurts soo bad. Its been happening more frequently now, especially when I bend slightly forward or backwards. It also takes a while to straighten back out after it happens. Does anyone know what this is!? Its terrible and it’d be really nice to know whats causing this, and what I should do.. Help..anyone?

Answer #1

when I was 13 I was diagnosed with scoliosis too and now im 14 but I stil dont wear a brace. I’ve never had pains like that so maybe you should tell your mom/ parent and have them take you to the doctor…hope that helped!

Answer #2

Go see your doctor again. It’s probably from the scoliosis. Also speak to your doctor about an exercise plan to help strengthen your back and improve your scoliosis

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