How to tell your parents you want to start dating?

my parents are like…some boys can break your heart. and your too young. and you still have to enjoy being a kid. and stuff and i dunno i agree with them but at the same time i kinda wanna start dating. but how do i tell them i wanna start dating maybe?

Answer #1

Ive been having the same problem! But my parents don’t talk about boys what so ever. If ive ever dated a guy.. my parents never knew about it. Recently my twin sister started dating and I think she just did the following:

1st step: Invite the boy and one of your girl-friends over at the same time. ( Tell both of them the plan )

2nd Step: When they leave tell your parents that you just met this boy ( or if you have known him for awhile ) and explain why hes really nice and stuff. Then you can tell them that you really like him too

3rd Step: Ask to invite the boy over again ( just him ) and see what they say. If they say yes.. then they are starting to open up to the whole inviting boys over thing

4th Step: When the boy leaves tell your parents that you really like him and that he asked you out. ( If he didn’t then ask him out but tell your parents that it was him who asked you ) and they will probably be okay with the idea . and for future reference they will allow you to date from there on.

You can also explain that you are 15 and that you should be able to date now!

Answer #2

what if they say no?

Answer #3

if they say no then just explain to them that hes one of your really good friends and ask if you can go over his house or if you can go see a movie or something together. If they say no to that.. then you have to mabye just sort of bring up a conversation about boys and say that you really like him and are thinking of asking him out.

Answer #4

tell em to teach you about sex before they dosomething stupid like give away their virginity.

Answer #5

u dnt, u just go ahead and do it,.if parents trust u and have enough confidence in u then they should allow it, i date boys nd im 13 so when i get to meet them i get my parents to drop me off so if their that concerned they can have a look at them :P

Answer #6

You just go ahead and date guys, go out to movies and say it’s a group when it isn’t. They’ll figure it out and either they stop you or they dont, if they do try to stop you from dating, tell them they are bein irrational and dating is part of growing up

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