Athiests should be burned on a cross? >:\ ( I don't think so. )

Why are Athiests or anyone who does not believe in some higher power hated by others? I don’t understand the logic.

Do you think a non-believer is bad? ( A.K.A - Me, technically. )

Answer #1

Well Charlie, all you said was, and it is there,

“ this topic is why there is war in the world and millions of people die!!! “

But yes, religion does cause wars and if it didn’t exist, we would not have had World War 1, 2, or possible 3. America wouldn’t be in a war either if Iraq didn’t want to kill anyone who wasnt Muslim. Then again, it was your fault that we attacked them first for oil but my point stands. Religion can’t be handled without violence, so there shouldn’t be a religion.

Watch the movie Religulous and you will understand.

Answer #2

I’m a minister, and I don’t hate you! lol! A lot of Christians seemingly “hate” atheism or atheists because they are just afraid of them! Not physically, but what the atheist could do to them in an argument about spiritual beliefs. In other words, they could not “defend” Christianity (or other form of religion). Another reason is that someone, maybe a friend or your parents, have instilled that into your mind. Have you encountered a Christian (or other) that has came to you and said they hated you for what you believe in? I do not think that a non-believer is bad. I just feel sad that they wouldn’t consider the “Higher Power” idea before totally believing Atheism. You have every right to believe what you want. But try this for a week…read a verse in the Bible every night and say a little prayer before going to bed, say something you need in your life, and if you’re not convinced that there is a Higher Power then feel free to believe atheism. But don’t knock it until you try it…I know, I used to be an atheist.

Answer #3

I have nothing against athiest, its whos ever choose

I wouldnt say im athiest, I fact I dont really now what religion is anymore since it just man made and they keep change what christianity is(sorry thats my religion )

Answer #4

im a proud athiest, and no people ahev the right to beleive in whatever they hell they want wether it be in a god, in nothing, in santa, in the flying spagetti monster, ect whatever they want to beleive (and really no matter how stupid that is) they have that right and as far as science goes it clearly proves theres a lot more proof on no god than there is of a god anyway the main thing needed here though is acceptance and mainly acceptance from religions such as chrsitianity in particular because you dont see athiests on the street trying to convert people you see religiouse people usually its religiouse people trying to get you to beleive in the same thing as them and they need to learn to aceept other people for there beleifs because without respect they will get none in returne and of course im not saying every chrsitian is out there preaching to you but quite a lot of them are far more people than any other religion anyway

Answer #5

I think what charliefarlie actually means is “everyone should bow down to the non existent pervert that has a personal relationship with christian children”

AKA JC hammer :P

whats the difference between seeing jesus on the street and seeing a monkey with angel wings smoking a cigarette on the street…

nothing really, just means you havnt been taking your happy pills… HAVE YOU O_O

Answer #6

Eehh…but then God also hated too. God also plays favorites. XD Noahs Arc for example, NOAH, out of everyone, as the only pure being.


Answer #7

I don’t think that atheist are hated - well not by any believers I know. They are probably disagreed with . . . but then so are believers - they disagree with eacother obviously. If atheists were hated depending on the person who’s doing the hating’s religion they would be a huge hypocrit.

I’m pretty sure God said “Love everyone”, or something.


Answer #8

Amen to that. XD Lol I don’t think it helps that my hero is Raptor Jesus. rofl.

Answer #9

Why are Athiests or anyone who does not believe in some higher power hated by others? I don’t understand the logic.

You’re sort of focusing on one issue, a better question would be: ‘’WHY do people hate each other?’’ ..people have a natural tendencey to fear that which they don’t understand.

ignorance > fear > anger > hate > suffering

…Yoda said it best…

Noahs Arc for example, NOAH, out of everyone, as the only pure being

…the Bible didn’t depict Noah as being pure… nobody but Jesus was depicted as such.

Answer #10

Im an Athiest & my parents are Catholic. They dont hate me…I think lol. Everyone has different views. Thats why we have seperation of chuch and state so it wont get in the way. I think religion is a waste of time but someone else might live it day to day. I guess people who “HATE” athiest and others religions are idiots :)

Answer #11

I meant religion is the main causses of war!!! dont start something if you cant read what I’ve said properly!!!


Answer #12

I was kind of hoping civilization had moved beyond that whole ‘burning people on crosses’ thing.

Answer #13

…you think atheism is the reason wars exist? …SERIOUSLY? O_o

Answer #14

this topic is why there is war in the world and millions of people die!!!

Answer #15

Lmfao. Nope that doesnt help :)

Answer #16

if i just sleep and eat and hang out and have fun do what ever makes me happy dont care what may happen what is the different between me and an animal?

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