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Athiest Bus Campaign?

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Recently an athiest lady got fed-up when she saw an add on a bus that read "Those Who Dont Believe In The Lord Will Burn In Hell." She decided to start her own campaign and now has ads on buses that say:

"There is probley no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life!"

Apparently the Christian Voice was in an uproar because they believe that there is plenty of proof of God and that it's false advertisement - their complaints have not been taken seriously though for obvious reason.

What do you think of this? If your a Christian - would the ad's bother you or would you just ignore them? If your an athiest - do you think that's it's just fair to have billboards that agree with your beliefs as well?

Personally: I'm glad they are up. I think it's proving a point of freedom of speach and religion - and that Christians are not the only one's who should be allowed to voice their opinions in public and on public transpotation lol.