What does everyone think about the pastor that wants to burn muslim bibles on 9 11?

How do you think it will affect our soldiers overseas? My friend thinks it will cause what they call a blackout and that means we will have no contact with our loved ones overseas for days. I think it will be put to a stop before it happens. Any thoughts?

Answer #1

I find it: 1. disrespectful to all Muslims. and 2. I do think it’ll cause some kind of country dispute or an uprising. Not to mention dangerous for our soldiers.

Answer #2

Disrespectful and completely outrageous. This story seriously embaresses me as an American.

Answer #3

I think it is beyond ridiculous. Why can’t people just respect others beliefs? Condemning a whole group of people because of the ignorance of a view individuals is pointless and pathetic. It makes him look selfish and stupid.

Answer #4

Look, i understand the anger and frustration people must feel. i personally dont know anyone who was there or know people who were. however, even if this pastor is a Christian, u cant force ur beliefs on others, rite or wrong. sorry, whetehr u like it or not whether u r trying to get a point across or not, the best way to change others beliefs is to pray for them and luv them, not burn their bibles and act like jerks. what kind of person would want to join a religion that acts like it hates other people. just luv them and forgive them like the Bible tells us to.

Answer #5

I think that he would cause major problems if he were to do that.

Answer #6

that is a big fear for me and my friends. I am an army wife whos husband is currently deployed to afganistan. Along with my friends and also friends husbands. We are hoping nothing happens to them.

Answer #7

It is just plain stupid.

Answer #8

I truly hope nothing happens to them. They do not DESERVE anything to happen to them because of the ignorance of a pastor.

Answer #9

I just got word that he has cancelled the burning due to soldiers saftey. All I can say is I am glad I wont have to worry extra about my husband.

Answer #10

I THINK ITS WRONG! like seriously its there belief how would he feel if someone burnt all his bibles?

Answer #11

it is terrible.

Answer #12

I think it is absurd for this man to do such a thing. He believes that by burning the Qur’an, he will prevent Terorism, and honor Americans who died in 9/11. You know that is, children? a load of Fcking Horsesh*t!

First of all, who is HE to say that Terorism has a religion?! I didn’t know you had to be a Muslim to commit acts of teror. Does this man even know what Terorism means? It means a group or individual who uses threat and action to get what they desire. By burning these Qur’ans, he is being a terorist because he is getting what he wants by using action.

Secondly, this pastor forgets to acknowledge the fact that by burning the Qur’an, he is blaming the WHOLE of Islam, not just the extremists. That’s idiotic and dangerous. You don’t see Muslims and Jews burning the Bible for what Christians did thousands of years ago such as the Crusades. Or Jews burning editions of Mein Kampf for what Hitler’s party did during the Holocaust.

As he thinks of this, does he also forget the fact that there are troops present and will be future troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kuwait and others who will get attacked for what this man wants to do? He isn’t thinking long-term. The war is about to end, troops are leaving, peace is slowly increasing between countries. But NO! This guy doesn’t want that. He wants 9 years of war and suffering to continue on all because he thinks he was being patriotic. I say: F*ck him! >:|

Lastly, it will not only have an effect on the troops, but on other government affairs. The slow relationship with Pakistan and Iraq and Saudi Arabia will go down the sh*thole once he burns those books. I won’t let his sorry preaching ass do that because as a future troop, I don’t want to be shot in the middle of the street for being affiliated with this man. I’m glad Obama condemned this act because it’ll bring nothing good from it.

Sure, 9/11/2001 was tragic, I agree. But why the hell would you burn Qur’ans just to show how patriotic you are towards it? As I said before, Ter*orism has NO religion, so don’t try to point it all to Islam. A few idiots doesn’t mean the whole religion should be humiliated. Besides, there have been many other tragedies worse than 9/11 in other countries. Such as constant bombings in Iraq EVERY DAY and Israelis who die EVERY DAY. You don’t see any of them condemning their religions and such.

As a closer, I’d just like to say this is all my opinion on the subject. I think this man is insane because he is going to cause innocent people pain, especially those serving in other countries. If any of you decide to do this act, do it freely as it’s your choice, but be cautious of what it might cause later on. Obviously, this man isn’t thinking long-term effects, only short-term. Just my opinion.

Answer #13

Regardless of which religious books it is, the person doing the burning should be condemn. I think it is disrespectful. Whether it is the Bible or Koran or any other religious text, all should be off limits. Even if one does not believe in any particular religion, there is no need to mock or trash it………Personally, I think burning any books should be seen as severe as burning a country’s national flag.

Answer #14

I say more power to him.

Answer #15

dey should burn him

Answer #16

I am doing a report on this for school, i think it is so offending and totally uncalled for. that is their bible, and the dove outreach whatever has no right to try and do that. it makes me sad for the human race that it could come to this

Answer #17

Actually the Koran was written by a power hungry madman named Muhammad and was not inspired by God. Allah, his made-up god, is not the same God as the one described in the Bible. The way the Koran describes Allah is very different from the God of the Bible. Islam is a cruel and heartless faith that subjugates women and treats them with contempt. There is no forgiveness nor mercy in Islam. How can anyone defend a faith who’s holy book instructs the followers to kill all those who refuse to convert? In the Bible, Jesus tells us to pray for those who persecute you and who won’t listen to you. He doesn’t call for bloodshed.

Islam is satanic. All religions that do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the only way to Heaven and that do not acknowledge the Trinity: that God is three-in-one The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, are all against God. It is a debased, sinful and ignorant society that would declare that all religions are equal or are to be equally respected.

We are to love and respect all people for who they really are: fellow beings created by God who are all (including you and me) in need of salvation. We are not to respect all beliefs, ideas or opinions. Some of them are very, very wrong.

I say if people can burn American flags in this country, then this Pastor should be able to burn the evil Koran too.

Answer #18

I think they’re being as narrow minded as the terr0rists.

Answer #19

Sorry but I think that’s narrow minded. I assume your a christian and that’s fine - I do not have a problem with that. But not everyone believes in the bible and to get along in the world don’t you need to accept their viewpoint too? Sorry if I’m offending you because that is not my intention.

Answer #20

I think that his unnessary and shouldn’t call himself a man of God. Burning a book isn’t going to solve the problem at hand. They should all just kiss and make up.

Answer #21

You know what is really evil? People like you, you spread hatred, force your religious beliefs down everyones throat and YOU are the main cause for hatred and people not being tolerant. And how DARE you call the Koran satanic? Do you even know what satanic is? How about you go and read up on your religion and beliefs and try and be tolerant. Also this pastor wasn’t only causing damange to Muslims, he was potentially causing damage (who knows it is probably already done) to all the American Soldiers and people in those countries. Also if that is what it is means to be Christian I would gladly burn in hell.

Answer #22

Seriously dukethepcdr, you must think your own sh-t does not stink. I’m a Christian and disagree with everything you wrote. In every religion there are always some evil followers and preachers who cross the line with their beliefs and become over zealous imbeciles with dangerous attributes…..Geez, someone show pick a Bible and hit you on the head and knock you out cold mate…. It does not matter what people believe in, just because they do not follow our Christian faith, does not make them satanic or evil. The Koran is important to those who believe in it, as it is important to those who believe the Bible is true….Stop being so one eyed. You aren’t guaranteed a spot in Heaven dude even if you go about promoting our faith. Ease off a bit and stop thinking others are wrong if they do not show our faith.

Answer #23

arhhhh typo, typo # SHOULD AND FOLLOW

Answer #24

That is why people like me are confused with religion… because hypocrites like that pastor… I doubt God would want him bashing another religion, and if He does, well, then I was right about Him.

Answer #25

A person is made up of his ideas and opinions; it is absolutely impossible to defile a person’s beliefs, their opinions, their ideas, and still respect them. You, dear sir, are showing horrid disrespect for thousands, maybe millions of people, yet still dare to think of yourself above them. I might just be a kid on an advice site, but I invite you to take a good, hard look at yourself and just what you told us.

Answer #26

i think e should be burnt at the zero point and one mosque and church should be built side by side.then whoever wants to pray there,if a muslim,he should donate sth to the church and if christian,donate sth to the mosque.i hope ppl wanting to burn flags and religious books will soon know how to live in peace on this earth with respect and love or they should be perished.

Answer #27

i think its stupid, everyone has different belifs and just because this one guy doesnt believe in there bibles doesnt mean he has a right to destory them, its disreespect

Answer #28

I’m not Muslim, I’m a Christian. But I still find it disrespectful. It’s not helping anybody, and it’s probably going to cause some kind of dispute.

Answer #29

Iam muslim and except laughing at this man there is nothing that i will do … if he burns Quraan till the day he dies he cant change a thing if he burns all Quraans on this planet earth will he gonna burn the Quraan in our mind? while we have memorized it just like our Full name… leave him alone let him be comfortable by what he is doing…God has set a seal on his heart and his hearing…

Answer #30

He is short sighted and ignorant of the violence he could have coused, he was just putting more wood on the fire.

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