Are atheists being hypocritical?

Note:this is only from the atheist people I’ve seen talking in the media so if youre an atheist and dont feel this way…fine lol

It seems to me that many diehard atheists are very angry about who they believe to be of ‘false beliefs’ Is it just me or is that exactly what all those die hard christians (for example) are doing I don’t know I know I shouldnt trust my opinions on just a few people but I mean I’ve looked into it quite a bit and anger is all I see instead of a solution to the religion now called ‘status quo-ism’

Answer #1

jimahl, I don’t wear my atheism on my sleve either. In general I let people get to know me a while before I tell them that I’m an Atheist. I figure that after they decide that I’m an ok person when they learn I’m an atheist that they will start to see atheists as human beings not so different from themselves. For a lot of people I’m the only openly atheist person they know.

There are a lot of closet atheists. There was a survey asking Americans which groups they would and wouldn’t vote for in a presidential election and atheists were dead last after women and all ethnic and religious minorities. Atheists are America’s most dispised minority but all we have to do is keep our mouth shut and nobody even knows. At my last job my boss was a devout Mormon; when we were in Utah on a business trip he even took me to temple square and gave me the hard sell. I just kept saying things like, “oh, that is an interesting belief” and moved on. When I left that job I made my rounds saying bye to everyone several of my coworkers confessed that they didn’t believe in God either but kept it to themselves fearing that if their atheism was known that it would hold them back. When I was a boss one guy worked for me 2 years before he mentioned to me that he was an atheist even though I am one too.

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amen filletofspam,

There are too many times that I am in a social situation and the discussion of religion comes up, and I have to keep my mouth shut and avoid the subject, because if I brought up my actual beliefs in certain company, it would be met with scorn. It would be polite, but it would be scorn none the less.

For some reason, athiests are seen by some in this country as lacking moral fiber. From all the atheists I know, the exact opposite is true. I know of far more self-professed christians with far less ethics and morals.

We will see a black man, a woman, a jew, and even a muslim elected president in this country before you see an openly athiest president.

It is a shame, because this countries greatest presidents were not practicing christians. Washington, jeffersonn and lincoln all despised organized religion. They were either deists, or possibly even atheists.

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just to let you know im not a ‘believer’ in any religion yet so im not trying to be biased if it looks that way… sorry

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Honestly, I don’t see any angry atheists in the media. I think what’s goign on, is that reasoned argument is seen as “anger” by those who don’t like what’s being said - because it makes them mad.

In other words, godisimaginary does not have an angry tone to it at all, but a lot of believers think it does, because they get mad when they read it.

Answer #5

well heres what I think about these atheist converting people…those guys are like the crazy christians…they believe THEY are right and YOU are wrong…what they are doing isnt helping anyone and its giving just about every other atheist a bad name and making us look like those jehovas witnesses,,,

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well to name a couple they are on myspace so… the philosurfer kat:the athiest activist god is imaginary and theres a bunch of vids on youtube of atheists trying to convert people I don’t know I think I wrote this without thinking lol ugh…now im confused again!

Answer #7

I agree 100 % with amoeba. the only thing I dont seem to understand is that in the bible…it tells you not to judge others..and yet most christians are like…if you dont believe in our god than you are going to hell…(no offence) its just christians believe that its there way or the highway..

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I had some anger against Christians that was hard to give up. Lets just say that Christian students and teachers treated me rather shabily growing up and it took a few years for me to let my anger go.

In our culture everyone is supposed to respect people’s religious views but nobody really respects the views of atheists. President George Bush (the first one) even said that Atheists shouldn’t be considered citizens or patriots. Imagine the backlash if he said this about any other group like Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women, gays, etc. It seems that atheists have less respect than other minorities.

Seeing that atheists get so little respect it is easy for us to become surly.

Answer #9

I believe much of the anger displayed by atheists stems from the forceful conversion methods employed by some christians. The last ten years have produced a very vocal, fundamentalist group of Christians. That is fine except that many demand the government function in accordance with their beliefs. Those who oppose are likened to demons and the anti-christ. I believe that many atheists, agnostics, non-believers, jews, muslims, buddhists, etc. are tired of the “believe and agree with us” or you are going to hell message given by some christians. I also believe that our government should function based on the premise that all people are to be respected, not just christians. I, for one, become angry when I hear a professed christian, or anyone else for that matter, encouraging hatred, prejudice, bigotry towards others based on their religion, lifestyle, race, etc.

Answer #10

I don’t see them as hypocrites, they’re just on the opposite end of theism.

Some are just more ‘ambitious’ than others; theists too. Aggressive/argumentative individuals on both sides are eagerly trying to prove the other wrong… but neither can… but they won’t stop trying.

Ironically, if ANY person of ANY belief/faith actually PROVED their views to be true, then ‘faith’ would be rendered obsolete. So ‘proving’ your beliefs, actually defeats the purpose of ‘believing’ in them in the first place. So why the hell would anyone want to do that? Since all the different ‘gods’ generally require you to have ‘faith’ …wouldn’t doing away with faith entirely… be in fact… defiance?

Geez… now my head hurts…

Answer #11

Yeah, I found this one question about a few days back about a dude who wanted to debate about christians against atheists. It went on for 3 months. And atheist were talking back to him saying how can you believe in something that has no evidence? And well I guess it makes atheist kinda mad when people refer to god in their answers. Because not everyone believe in god, such as myself. But I’m not willing to put up an argument about that. Because anyone can believe in what they want.

Answer #12

ok first of all…all or most athiest are not angry… it is just there choice in whether to believe in god or not.. it doesnt always have anger in the situation..there are people that have no anger towards others that believe.. bottom line … some people choose to beleive certain things and others choose to believe that these things are so called fake…it is all is ones beliefs and choices…anger really doesnt come into picture mostly.. sometimes but not all the times

Answer #13

just like those pseudo satanists… man whats this world coming to… well I dont like religion but its not that I hate it (I think of it as a brain washing machine and something to control human actions) and I think most atheist feel the same way… now im not sure where these guys have come up or what they think they are doing. this seems to me like those wannabe satanists saying the devil exists but god doesnt (which is stupid, one cant be without the other, just like good and evil and Satan is a kinda god to them so really its the same thing)
dont believe everything you see or hear from TV (or the internet) they might just be some people who want theyre time in the spot light and will tell you anything for it… GOD TV anyone LOL…

Answer #14

I’m sorry but who exactly are you talking about? I have never seen an atheist who was angry at those who believe in God, or whatever… I mean that would mean being angry at like 90% of the world, and honestly we have better things to do with our time. Now if we get angry when beliefs influence public policy (for example abstinence only education in schools, which dont work) that is a seperate issue…

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