If I wasn't LDS, could I be Atheist?

If I wasn’t LDS, could I be Atheist? Well, the reason, I’m asking this is because since allot of people are so disrespectful towards my religion and they despise it, could I be Atheist if I stopped being a devoted Mormon? If Anti Mormon people are going to be so critical, I’d probably would turn Atheist if it doesn’t stop! So, people better stop giving me false doctorine. I know that the LDS church is true!! and I’m proud to be a convert of the church!!

Answer #1

If you believe that the LDS church is true, then you are not an atheist - even if you stop going to church. And cheer up - people hate us atheists even more than they hate you guys. It’s tough but I’ve found that criticism and rejection can make us better, stronger people.

Answer #2

Believe in God, that’s the most important thing and do not allow people to get to you. Stand up for your beliefs, don’t back down.

Most of all, keep your mind open to the Holy Spirit’s teachings. I’m sure you do not think you know all the truth there is to know, right? God may want you to know more…

Answer #3

I dont think you should give up your religion if you really believe it. screw those haters im a christian and I put up with osooo much crap but I deal with it because of my love for God I just try to be a good example.

thats all I can do. think about it before coming an atheist!

Answer #4

Hi: Your curiosity with a church, as stated privately with me before, has left some questions about your stake and what is in there and what is not. Many LDS Stakes parallel churches in what they do, and who they care for, but who is the foundation?

Answer #5

Could you be an atheist? You either are or you aren’t… it’s not really a matter of could you be… This seems like more of a statement of who you are than an actual question…

Answer #6

At my last job I worked for and with Mormons. To tell the truth other Christians showed more disrespect toward Mormon beliefs than us heathens ever did.

Stastically most people who leave one faith move to another rather than become atheists.

I’m not really sure what you are worried about. If you are convinced that the teachings of the CoJCLDS are true and that others are spreading false doctrine than no amount of “disrespect” should sway you. Perhaps your belief in these doctrines is not as solid as you are letting on?

Answer #7

The question doesn’t really make sense. “Being LDS” is an affiliation, not a belief. “Being atheist” means you don’t believe in any gods.

You can be an atheist and still be LDS, and you can quit LDS yet not be an atheist. The two are independent. I know many atheists who still claim religious affiliation for social reasons.

Answer #8

Are you saying that you would change your moral base and everything you believe in because people make fun of you? Continue to educate yourself always, and don’t let people get you down. What gives anyone else the right to tell you that what you believe is wrong? That is messed up. Don’t listen to those morons. Believe in whatever works for you.

Answer #9

You say that as if being an Atheist is a bad thing. Is that what you think? Actually, in my opinion, and this makes sense if you think about it, being an Atheist and being a Christian is the same thing in that both believe that their religion (or lack of) is the truth. The only difference is that Christians believe there ‘is’ a God and Atheists believe there ‘isn’t’ a God.

Personally, I don’t know why people believe in things that they can’t back up with some kind of proof.

Answer #10

It’s not about any particular religion - it’s about your faith in God - to accept or reject, your choice.

Answer #11

its up to you… no matter what you are people will judge you…

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