Religion---> Atheist

I am an atheist. I dont believe in ‘God’ or a higher power as far as Im concerned.

My mom is Jewish and my dad Baptist.

How would I go about telling them of my choice in religion?

Answer #1

I don’t think you need to tell them. They probably already know.

Answer #2

if they except the difference in each others religions, there is no way why they shouldn’t except your : ] hope I helped

xoxo josie

Answer #3

Make sure you tell them before they find out some other way. I am an atheist and so are my parents…but my grandma is not(a very christian, christian) and she was so freaked when she found out by the means of my website.

Answer #4

well, technically by jewish law, you are jewish. Also, you don’t have a religion. I don’t see the need to tell them, but if you feel you must… why not just say that you don’t believe in g-d and leave it at that.

Answer #5

It’s up to you to judge how they will react. If they are don’t go to church, pray, etc., then it might be safe to tell them. But if they take their religions seriously at all, you risk a nasty confrontation by telling them that.

If you are still dependent on them, consider just keeping it private

Answer #6

My mom is cathoilc. and I dont think my stepdad believes in religion ither.,, he makes atheist comments. lol…but.. I’m not atheist. I dont feel the need to say “I dont believe in god or any such subject.. when simply there isn’t.. so why waste my breath??”… even though I just wasted my time typing this. –otherwise.. it depends on how ‘religious” they are,, they might get offended.

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