What subjects do you learn from 8th - 12th grade?

I know you learn math, science, reading, social studies/history, foreign language, and extra classes if you go to an arts school. But what are the subjects you learn algebra, civil war, etc.

Answer #1

yes well for instance in our school it was earth science 6 and 9th then it was biology 7 and 10th then chemistry for 8th and 11. then senior year we didn’t have to take science but has astronomy as an option. math was pre-algebra, algebra trig,calculus and each class had an advanced class option for them.

Answer #2

theres a wide variety of subjects 8th grade life sciences eng/lit social studies, ALgebra 1, 9th physical science pre algebra, algebra 1, 10th biology, algebra 11, geography, eng comp, american lit 11th and 12th chemistry, calculus, trig, hope this helps

Answer #3

i for the life of me couldnt come with any class for social studies except world history for 9th lol so thank you for refreshing my memory =)

Answer #4

I know that different schools offer different options, but I believe most core classes will be similar. Sorry for the long list! Science: biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy/physiology. Math: geometry, algebra I & II, college algebra, trigonometry and statistics. Social Studies: world history, world geography, US history, government/politics. English: I/II/III/IV (basic english classes, just more advances levels). As for extracurriculars, I learned things like French I-IV, cooking, film, child development, clothing design, etc.

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