How do I get a good grade in maths ?

Ok so heres the thing… Im so rubbish at maths and I have a big test soon and im kinda nervous what should I do to get a good grade because everyone else in my class will. If you understand please help :)

Answer #1

If your teacher gave you a math book, you should review the chapters and skills you learned, and look back at some homework assignments and tests/quizzes

Answer #2

Make sure to review all of your homework, do practice questions, get help from a teacher/someone skilled in math if you need it…

Answer #3

take it step by step, if you need to learn a formula, make sure you learn it BEFORE you try to do problems hope I helped, good luck (:

Answer #4

You should set up some study sessions with a friend or your teacher, I know that’s what I did. And then just keep on practicing problems and when you get them wrong, just go back and rework them. Have someone there so that they can tell you what you’re doing wrong, and you’ll be better in no time.

Answer #5

develop all te equations from the basics,study by writing severals times…or take bits

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