How to start studying for 8th grade?

im going into the 8th grade I want to be prepared school work wise what am I going to be learning in math especially and I guess the other subjects also I want to know what I should know going into 8th but also what im going to be learning :D I want to know so I can start studying and be ahead instead of behind like my 7th grade year and also is there any web sights that can help me? please and thank you

Answer #1

*th grade isnt as bad as pple think I just kame from the 8th grade but you will b the top dog at your school and the teachers help you out as much as they kan and like confusedlilgirl said it iz just a refreshment kourse and preparing you 4 the 9th grade. hope this helped

Answer #2

8th grade, was probably the best year in middle school. Its a lot of review and pretty simple stuff. I think the math part is normally pre-algebra, but we had an advanced math class that was Algebra 1.

Answer #3

8th isnt so bad… it is kinda a review of what you have learned over the past years before the seirious stuff… to me it was very boring.. some of the work is new and hard but it all depends on the curiculum or however you spell that. dont stress so much.

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