Math Grades

My math grade is kinda low right now, and my mom says I have to get it up. How can you get a math grade up? You can’t really study for math.

Answer #1

I am horrible at math but have you’re teacher keep explaining it to you until you get it. My teacher does that with me. How low is you’re grade?

Answer #2

The only way to get better at maths is to do lots and lots of examples. Get a good question and answer type guide and do a section everyday. That is the only way to “learn” maths. In sure there must be some really good websites with lots of questions dealing with the sections your’ll are covering in school right now.

Answer #3

Take really good notes when your teacher is talking. And flashcards are your BEST FRIEND!

Answer #4

Have you tried a tutor or some online program to help you understadn math more?

Answer #5

Um…Yes, you can…

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