Why do adults talk alot to make their point b.cos it's annoying?

Answer #1

to annoy the hell out of you so you’ll do the right thing.

Answer #2

Maybe it is because you haven’t acknowledged them strong enough.
Here’s another reason. No one is acknowledging them, and maybe never has. Just give them a good acknowledgement that is what they want to hear.

Answer #3

I find myself goin on and on about something if I think the person isn’t gettin what I’m sayin, I want to make sure people understand what I’m sayin, and if I don’t think u have well I will keep talkin till I think u do

Answer #4

I find I tend to go on about something in the hope I am not going to have to repeat myself later. It seems to me if I make my point short and sweet it’s usually ignored.

Answer #5

I agree with that cuz I far from want to have to repeat myself

Answer #6

its called an explanation. as youve just proven, lots of ppl arent the brightest pebble on teh beach

Answer #7

Adults want to explain their point as best as they can. If they explain their point in greater depth, chances are that there would be a less chance of something being misunderstood or missed out. It may not be fun to listen, but if you do listen, it would benefit you more in the end.

Answer #8

I do that and i have had ppl tell me its annoying but its just so i can get all the details in what i am trying to say

Answer #9

idk get old and find out :)

Answer #10

because if they only say it once they know you wont do it, or follow it or whatever, so they make their point varius ways to make sure we understand it in different ways.

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