Annoying cousin

I have a reallly annoying cousin.KOURTNEY. she has a smart mouth and she is slefish and spoiled. I told my mom the next time shes a b*tch to me I wa going to slap her is that ok or not?

Answer #1

I have a cousin just like this! Ha she’s so annoying. You can’t slap her though, thats just messed up. Just ignore it or talk to her about it.

Answer #2

this question makes me think about my little sister,

when my sister is like this, I just ignore her.

or pull her aside [alone] and talk to her about it.

but I know how you feel!

just be a bigger person and ignore it,

hope it helps(:


Answer #3

uhm helkl yeah you have alright she called you a b1tch so yeah, just got odd & smack her

if she is around your age

its not cool to slap little kids

Answer #4

I thought you were my role model

Answer #5

I had a cousin who was so annoying like when we were little she couldn’t sleep without a night-light and she would make up stories to make everyone think I was in the wrong and for years and years this went on one day I recorded the whole conversation and she got in trouble. But know we are so close no one can get in between us. Just let her be the baby. You can be the Adult and walk away.

Answer #6

no that’s not ok. get over it, let her be. if she’s annoying then just ignore her. it’s going to be hard but just block out any negative comments she says. or just say “k cool” everytime she says something. seriously.. in the end you’ll look like the bigger person and and she’ll look like a pathetic insecure moron… and trust me, that type of subtle revenge is much sweeter then just a silly slap. >:]

Answer #7

ya it is id do it

Answer #8

not! be the bigger person and ignore her! :)

Answer #9

thats really mean

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