shes making me choose

ok im having a baby in june.. me and the father have been together on and off for alittle over a year and a half and my mom never liked him. she only met him once and always refused to let him in or around my house. I can understand why she doesnt like him, because he used to get in trouble a lot. ever since I found out I was pregnant he completely turned around. hes still not perfect but he doesnt get in trouble and he treats me good. she still wants nothing to do with him and its gotten to the point where shes making me choose, him or her. she hasnt wanted anything to do with me for the past 2 years and when I told her we stopped talking it was the best feeling in the world because it was like she wanted to talk to me and be in my life again. even living with her, we’d go months without talking, even speaking one word, if I was with him. I wasnt comfortable around her at all and we just started getting comfortable again. it was at the point I felt dumb calling her mom. she just found out me and the babys father are talking again and now we’re right back to where we started and it kills me. I know I need her much more than I need him in my life.. but my son is going to need his dad more than my mom. and by choose, I mean shes making me choose for me and the baby. if I want to be in her life then me and the baby can have nothing to do with the father. if I choose him, there will be complete chaos in my house especially when the baby is born. and I feel he will be stuck in the middle of it all and thats not fair. if I choose her, hes not going to have a father. and I know he reallly wants to be in our sons life, hes so excited that we’re having a baby. but, the baby doesnt get forced in the middle of all the fights that would occur. I just want whats best for him I know im going to lose out either way.

Answer #1

You made a choice - you chose him to have a baby with - I just wonder if this really will solve itself, in that he won’t change and won’t really ever be there - I have no idea, but you do - I just hope the best decision is made with the baby being the No 1 priority.

Answer #2

Wow..Very shocking. I’m sure your mom is just disapointed in you right now. Give things time and she will come to realize what she is doing wrong. And if she is still making you choose between the two. Then obviously, you would have to sit her down and make her understand what she is putting you thru. Hope things work out for the better =)

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