How can I make my parents understand?

I hate where I live! My best friend is such a b**ch and I cant stand her, she only thinks about herself! My mom is an annoying drunk and I cant stand that. my friends say its hilarious, but they dont have to live with it. I am always embarresed by it and if I talk to her about no matter how nice I am she gets all affensive and I get in trouble! My dad seriously grounds me over nothing at all. I swear im not over reacting, trust me im not. And when I get in trouble for nothing I freak because its agrivating. My parents never listen to me at all they are always fighting. I hate where I live and the people ezpecially my best friend. Its all about her.. I want to move somewhere out of this town but I know 16 is too young to move even with another family member. I think that me and my parents would get along if we didnt live in this town. Can I have advice please?

Answer #1

I have a family member that will except me living with them but im 16 and I dont think I can move without going to court and stuff. is there a way to go around that stuff

Answer #2

stop being this girls friend if she was your best friend she would care about your problems I know how if feels to have unreasonable parents my dads a drunk and its not funny but I dont talk to my dad so thats helps me and my mom is never home get better friedns that understand what your going through and if that doesnt work then why cant you go live wit a family member if its ok wit that family member and tell your parents your not happy and you want to leave it prob. get you in trouble but give it a try

Answer #3

hm, this is really hard. find some new friends by doing things that interest you likefor me, I love acting so I did plays and met the best friend I could ever ask for so something like that that way you won’t have to put up w/your parents as much and your self-absorbed friend talk to your parents, its the best thing for you, tell them exactly how you feel and how their actions affect you. I hope everything works out, good luck!

Answer #4

well why do you try and get some family councilling to try and resole your families problems go and see your doctor to try and arrange some help for your mom and her drinking habbits maybe a while in rehab will do her some good and as for your dad he is probly stressed with the fact that your mums drunk and he probly feels the sale as you do at the moment try and sit down with your dad. and if that works out try and get your dad to sit down and have a civilized chat with your mum. speak to your parents about the fact your not happy with where your living. its not fair on you.

try and seek some help for all of the family family councilling strongly advised. good luck from naomi.

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