How can I talk to my mum about me possibly being dyslexic?

Well, I have 8 people in my class, and 3 of them are dyslexic, and when my friend started talking to me about it (she has it) she was saying different people are affected in different ways, she says she doesnt have very good hand-eye co-ordination, she also isnt very good at spelling but shes quite good at reading, my other friend finds it hard to spell, do maths but has very good hand-eye co-ordination. My point being what I said at the top.

But when I told my mum that I get my “ps, ds and b’s” confused and write a p insted of a b etc, I have gotten worse at maths and it takes me twice or 3 times to read a passage to understand them etc.

But my mum does what she normally does when I told her, she does this thing were she sort of denys it, and ignores it and just says “u dont have it” I understand why she says this, cus when I was littler I was kinda clever, but now I find things difficult, but it makes me feel that she doesnt care and thinks im lying, I just want to know how I could try to talk to her about it so she’d understand what I was saying and things like that, thanks very much guys, u’d be really helping me out =) =)

Answer #1

Well o lot of people can make mistakes like that.

The best thing to do is to tell your mom to take ytou do a doctor to get it diagnosed to make sure it is true

Answer #2

I find it hard to talk to my mum too, but she’s just difficult for the fun of it! You have to sit your mum down when it’s quiet, no one else is around.. nothing will distract you both, etc.

And tell her ‘’Mum, It’s a little hard for me to tell you this but I really think I could have Dyslexia. Recently I’ve been a bit slow doing school work and I’m finding it hard to understand certain things, I could just be a little distracted but I’d like to make sure.. Could you help me find out?’’ And just let the convo flow from there.

I hope your not dyslexic. Because you’re very clever in trying to sort it out, I hope it goes well.

Answer #3

Just say “Mom, I’m not sure about this but when I read I get letters mixed up and everything flips around. Is it okay if I get tested by a doctor or something?” And make sure you propose to go to the doctor on a weekend so she won’t think your just sayin’ it to get out of school.

Answer #4

I think you should tell like the school councler that you think you have or a teacher my momdidnt bekieve my brother had it until his teacher told her that he was doing bad she took him to a docter and found out the real truth so like I said bfore tell teacher or conceler

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