How can a 15 year old go about getting amantapation?

My father is incarcerated and has been in and out my whole life never there,my mom kicked me out when I was 13 I had been staying with my friends.she came and made me go home with her when I was 14 and got me token by social services in california..I have a place to stay in nevada and and ill be going to school next year..I have ran away from my group home obliviously my parents haven’t done a good job taking care of me,do you think the courts would give me permission to take care of myself???

Answer #1

I think you mean emancipation my dear. In order to have that done you would have to take your parents to court. It’s sort of like getting a divorce from them. But you’d have to have proof that you are mature enough to be on your own, and you also need proof that you’d be better off without them. The person above me is probably right though. If you dont have valid proof than you most likely end up in custody of the state and maybe even put in a foster home. Wich could be much much worse than the home you have now. If you have freedom where you are now,I’d say leave it that way.

Answer #2

I believe at your age they will try and keep you in the social care system till you are at least 16 and have a place to stay obviously I cannot say for sure as im in britain and not too sure about the services in america but I doubt they would let you fend for yourself just yet

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