Do you think Obama will keep his promises once he gets in office?

Do you think Obama will keep his promises once he gets in office? Or, do you think that’ll change? Is he going to keep his promise to cut taxes for the middle class? Or, raise them?

Answer #1

Just like every president in history, Obama will want to keep promises made during his campaign.

But just like every president, day to day events will make it hard for Obama to really keep to his promises. Look at Bush after 911

Answer #2

Just like every presidental candidate in history, they say most of what they say in order to win…appealing to the “current” need of the public…this campangn was about money…Started about oil, but when prices went down the “need” went with it.

Many of the promises (Dem and Rep) were never intended to be kept…


Answer #3

I hope you didn’t vote 4 him if you can HE IS TROUBLE

Answer #4

On this and a lot of issues, we’ll have to wait to see.

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