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When buying a yorkie what's better male or female?

When buying a yorkie what's better male or female?


Gift ideas for an 18 year old male

Gift ideas for an 18 year old male


Should I use Blue Crush or Armani cologne?

What kind of cologne do girls like best: Blue Crush or Armani?


What is the most popular cologne?

Who knows what the most popular cologne in America is? I have a little money and I want to smell nice for the ladies! What should I buy?


what can I get my male friend for valentines day?

he is just afriend and he has a girl friend his bday is on the day before valentines day but I don't know what to get him...u tell me

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What cologne do women like?

I want to know what cologne woman like the best for a man. I want to smell good and dont know what to buy.


valentine's day present for male

I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. does anyone (male suggests would be great) know what to get a guy for Valentines' day?

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Where can I buy Umbro Ice cologne?

I'm from America, and I can't seem to find Umbro ice cologne anywhere. I tried online but all the sites won't ship out of the UK.


Good cologne Any recommendations?

Hey, I'm thinking about buying a good smelling cologne but don't want to spend too much, or too little. Any recommendations? (I guess price should be around $30? *shruG*)


What should I get for my 17 year old male best friend?

I really need to know what to get my best friend. he's into horses, but not much else. something really thoughtful would be best :)

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How good is holllister Cologne?

I keep hearing from everyone I talk to that the best colonge to buy is Jake from Hollister. I just want to know if its the best. If not what is? Waht about it makes it smell so good?


What is the best smelling cologne??

I am looking for a new cologne to start wearing. I am trying to switch up from what I have been wearing for awhile. I would like to get a womens opinion on the subject. I normaly wear curve or BKE but I want someting different.


what cologne do women like best?

I have worn so many colognes and had mixed results until I started spending way too much for fragrance. Is there a cologne that women prefer over all the rest? I have a limited budget so I can't afford to spend over 40 bucks on this. Ladies (or gent...


What are some good gift ideas for male?

I need you to list as much as possible because I'm buying my boyfriend 18 presents for his birthday coming up & I am running out of ideas on what to buy & would love to hear your suggestions.

:) thanks.


What are some nice male jeans?

Am 15 years old (BOY) and want to get some nice jeans willing to spend up to £80 thats about $110 any ideas like the name of them and make or the link from the website THANKS


Know any good online male AND female clothing with cheap shipping to Canada?

Or cheap international shipping? I knew some sites that did shipping to Canada from $15 but then later on changed a more expensive shipping. I'm looking for online clothing stores that sell both male and female clothing. I know a few Canadian clothing ...


Birthday ideas for a 21 year old male?

Im 13, my brother is turning 21.
I have upto £30 to spend on him,
I obviously cant be surved alchahol
And he already has cds' and dvd's
Of his favourites, I am stuck on what to get him.
It cant be to expensive, please help !
Thanks. X

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What's the most popular cologne for guys?

My wife keeps saying I smell bad, and I'm not sure that she's kidding. So, I'd like to know what's the most popular cologne for guys, since I figure if other dudes are buying it, the smell must be better than my BO ;)

Any tips for what I should be s...


What should I get him for Christmas?

What should I get him for Christmas? Every year I have the hardest time figuring out what to get the male half of my family for christmas. I've done cologne, socks, and sports equipment. Any novel ideas would be appreciated.


are they the same prices or different?

I never really shop at macys but is gotchalks
cheaper on cologne or are they the same prices?


Good Graduation Gift for Significant Other?

What's a good/ interesting graduation gift for male 18 year old boy? Nothing too expensive.


What do you give a person who has everything?

For christmas...I can never seem to impress him because he has a little bit of everything: clothes, cars, jewlery, cologne ,tools, electronic gadgets, and so on...


What to buy, what to buy?

So my boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I was planning on getting him these expensive pillows that hes been wanting and a gift card to a spa for a massage, because he's been complaining about his back! I've already purchased the pillows- so $50.00 ...


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