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I know it's early, but anyone got xmas ideas for a broke girl?

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I start stocking Xmas presents around this time of year so I am ready when Xmas comes. I need some ideas for presents. I already have my sister a really cool wood jewelry holder that I found at goodwill. (we are super close, so she isn't going to really care that it was used, just the thought) And a porcelain angel figure. My mom and dad are selling stuff to get money for bills and stuff, so I got them a collectors plate a yard sale (something that goes for like 100-500 $ online). The problem is, I am broke now (only had $4 in the 1st place from change I had saved up). My two brothers still need something for Xmas. My younger will be 9 months, but I still want to give him something. Now the other one is a MAJOR problem. Our family is scraping horribly, and he is nagging for crap like 3DS and Wii games.... HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A 3DS! Why would he want the games? So I know whatever he gets he will throw a fit. He already had a huge freakin tantrum because I got him a Transformers notebook for his B-day and not some stupid Wii game figures! I don't know what to do for Xmas... I am seriously broke, like... I have 60 cents left. T_T What do I do?!?!?!?