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Hookah(s) ID/Signing from Amazon/Ebay?

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So, my older brother doesn't smoke much, but he likes the no nicotine hookah pens (The "Smooth Premium E Hookah Pens" are his favorite). But I'm not of the correct age to purchase them, and my mother doesn't want him to smoke them as much as he does. I can't go to a smoke shop, so I'd have to buy online. Do I need to give ID/Sign at the door for the hookah pen? If I don't answer do they just leave it? If they don't know the contents, they can't ask for ID, so... Can I get it like Gift Wrapped and so they don't know? It's his birthday, and we've had a bad relationship, I was trying to get him something he'd like. It's not for me, I just don't know how i'd obtain it if they ask for ID. (And my mother would go nuts if I ordered it for him, as she'd think it was for me. So she wouldn't do it for me. And don't even get me started on my dad)