Where can I find pants for a person with really skinny legs?

I have so much trouble find pants, jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings that fit me properly. Usually I buy a size 00 or a sizd XS and it’s still loose on thighs and butt and calves. Evn when I buy the smallest size for the stretchy stuff like leggings or jeggings half the time they don’t fit well, it’s always either my thighs ofr my butt. I’ve tried places like forever 21, urban planet, american eagle, sirens, plenty of places. Does anyone know any places that sell clothes for that sort of figure?

Answer #1

legit is the place to be huny……and idenyity as well..

Answer #2

try cithy beach ?

Answer #3

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Answer #4

I’m the same way. Have you tried or do you like wearing skinny jeans? That’s what I wear alot and they fit perfect. Have you tried factory connection or is there one near you? Look up there store. That’s wear i get alot of my clothes from, They’re really cute but also really cheap. I’ve also found some pants at rue 21. You could try shopping there. I’ve had tons of trouble finding pants that fit me right, But i’ve found some at those stores. Skinny jeans would probably be your best bet.

Answer #5

Kkinny jeans are the jeans I usually wear and they still alwa fit me awkward. Rue 21, I think I’ve seen them in the States but not in Canada :D luckily I go to the states quite a lot, I’ll be sure ti check it out there, thanks!

Answer #6

I know where I live, in New Zealand, we have shops in the big cities that cater for very skinny people so I imagine you’ll have some in the US, even if there are none directly around you and you have to go online. I’m sorry but I don’t know the exact name of the shop as everyone just calls it the ano-shop (as in anorexia) and I can’t find it online.

- I have a friend who is freakishly skinny and she shops in the Asian-arcades, we have strands of shops here with just asian clothing shops which all have very small sizes. She has the same problem as you where she can’t fit anything in normal shops. So maybe you could try asian clothing websites?

- You could also actually try the kids section of shops even though that sounds lame as, they actually have really cool clothes in trendy kids shops nowadays. Jeans and tights will probably be too short for your legs (unless you’d wear 3/4 style) but shorts might fit nicely. Other than that the only other thing I can think of is to have your clothes tailor-made. It will cost a lot more but they will be brilliant quality and perfect for your body.

- If all else fails I’m sure there will be shops online with extra extra small sizing… you’d just have to hunt for them :/ Hope I was of some help. :)

Answer #7

Haha my legs are really skinny to but I wear a size 5? HahahaXd but I find skinny jeans work? Or have u tried those pants that are like idk stretchy? I’d just look around n see what works for u.

Answer #8

Yea, skinny jeans and those stretchy pants I still have a hard time finding ones that fit me XD It’s a victory whenever I can.

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