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So my boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I was planning on getting him these expensive pillows that hes been wanting and a gift card to a spa for a massage, because he's been complaining about his back! I've already purchased the pillows- so $50.00 and then I was going to do the $50.00 to the spa. His birthday is in 2 weeks, and he is just now telling me he wants football tickets! He has no idea I've bought him anything, but I told him they were out of the question, because nosebleeds start at $200.00 a piece! I say to him, "is there anything else you want?" He says, "well i'm out of my fav cologne!!" - $60.00 The question here is, gift card to the spa and be cute and thoughtful, or cologne and be predictable?! I can't afford both, but I don't know which he would want more! I know he would appreciate the spa (he's a massage junkie) but I don't want him to open it and be disappointed because no cologne... help!