What's a good christmas gift for my boyfriend?

i’m very clueless ):

Answer #1

Something he does as a hobby or collection, take him to his favorite restaurant.

Answer #2

If money is tight, you could make a DIY gift for him. Take a photo either of yourself or with him and then go to the shop to have this photo enlarged. Glue the photo onto a cardboard, depending on how big the photo is you can get photo laminated at the shops or if your work has a laminated machine, just use their transparent laminated sheet and run the photo etc into the little slit once the machine has reached the desirable heat setting to bind the photo and laminated sheet together. Once that is done, using a very sharp scissor, cut the photo into equal jig saw sizes.

Answer #3

blackops 2

Answer #4

get him a boy bracelet that reminds him of you

Answer #5

Last year i got my boyfriend a ring with his full named engraved in it. He loved it. I got it online at Limoges jewelry for very cheap.

Answer #6

Something hobby related, car related, technologically entertainment related!

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