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What do girls like as gifts?

what do girls like for gifts


Clothing Websites for Big Girls

What are some clothing websites for Big Girls?


Where can I find dickies brand girl pants?

Where can I find dickies girl brand pants??


hat for a girl?

what kind of hat looks best on a girl?


What kind of gifts do girls like for their birthdays?

What kind of gifts do girls like on there birthdays?...


Do you know any good online clothing stores for girls?

Do you know any good online clothing stores for girls?

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Skinny jeans for thick girls?

Where can I get cheap skinny jeans?

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Should I use Blue Crush or Armani cologne?

What kind of cologne do girls like best: Blue Crush or Armani?


What does a broke girl get her boyfriend for his birthday?

What do I get my boyfriend for his 18th birthday if I have no money

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girls only(dress's)

where is a nice Easter dress to get in new jersey

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What to get a girl for x-mas dating girl for week?

I've only been dating for a week. I haven't kissed her yet. She's pretty. I don't know what she likes

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what to BUY a 21 year old girl with two kids

what do you BUY a 21 year olf girl with two kids


What are some good stores for junior girls?

like forever 21 and stuff...

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Where do you find lil girls ripped jeans?

I always tryn to find ripped jeans but I can nvr find any

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where can i find cheap american girl brand dol clothes for an american girl doll?

I want to get a bunch of clothes for my little sister's American girl doll, but the ones at the store are too expensive for me. what website can I order some that are American girl brand for cheap?


What do I get my husband and 2 girls for Valentine's Day?

What do I get my husband and my 2 grls for V-day?

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what kinds of gift that fit for 17th birthday girl?

birthday gift for 17 years old girl. best gift for 17th birthday girl.

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What to give a 14 year old girl for christmas?

HElp? I reely don't know what to get her...HELP!

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What is the most popular cologne?

Who knows what the most popular cologne in America is? I have a little money and I want to smell nice for the ladies! What should I buy?


expensive nice cologne popular man cologne jean thigh blue crush scent woman jean