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Christma gift wife

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What's the best Christmas gift for a friend?

what is the best gift for friends on christmas?

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christmas gift for my wife

I need a good gift for christmas for my wife. we have been married for 4 months. 1st christmas together. she also likes snowman.

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What are the best Christmas gifts for kids?

what are some best chrismas gift for kids?


What was your best christmas gift or suprise?

What was your best Christmas gift or surprise this year ?

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What do guys like for christmas gifts?

What do 14 y/o guys like for christmas gifts?

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What is a 1-of-a-kind Christmas gift for my wife?

We've are married 1.5 years, 40 years old w/no kids and living in South America. She loves romance and is very sentimental.


What's a good christmas gift for my boyfriend?

i'm very clueless ):

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What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel.

What should I buy my wife for Christmas? No kids, love to travel. help!


Christmas gift for 16 year old boyfriend

What the heck do I get my 16 year old boyfriend for christmas

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My wife's birthday gift

My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.


christmas...what do you want?

What do you want for christmas?


What would be a nice christmas gift to give my husband?

Whats a prefect give to give my boyfriend/husband? But he don't now what he wants either and I not sure what to get him?

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What do I buy my wife for christmas?

Wondering if ya'll can help me - I love my wife, but she is very stressed that I am going to mess up when I get her a christmas present. Can anybody give me some good gift ideas?


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What special gift to get him for Christmas?

this guy and I really like each other, and he's really special to me. so I decided that I need to get him a really special christmas gift, one that shows how much he means to me and how much I like him. but I cant decide what to get him. so do you guys...


What is a reasonable gift for a christmas gift for my boyfriend?

Im so stuck on what I shud get my man for christmas like I asked but he always says babe I have everything I need but if I don't get him anything he gets mad like thinks I don't care so I need help frm males and females please thanks:)

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What would be a good Christmas gift for my boss?

He likes Golf.. I really dont know what to get him. He has been super cool to me. I really want to get him somethin cool. Any Ideas? Thanks


What is a good gift idea for Christmas for my 47 yr. old dad?

I am going Christmas shopping on the weekend, and I know what I'm getting everyone BUT my dad!!
what is a good gift that he'll love and will show him he means a lot to me? help!!
he's 47, bodybuilder

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What is a good gift idea for christmas for my 47 yr. Old dad?

I am going christmas shopping on the weekend, and I know what I'm getting everyone but my dad!!
What is a good gift that he'll love and will show him he means a lot to me? Help!!
He's 47, bodybuilder

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What are good Christmas gifts for a Mum?

As everyone knows Christmas is on it's way!! =) But I'm stuck for ideas on what to get my mum, she said she doesn't want a bought gift but rather that we make gifts for her. So my question is what are some cool homemade gift ideas??


- Hayley

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Ideas for Christmas gift for my girlfriend?

I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year and a half. I'm 20 years old without a job, in college, and I'm trying to figure out an unforgettable present for her this Christmas.

What do you guys think I should consider?

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What is a sweet homemade Christmas gift for my boyfriend?

I am not sure what to get my boyfriend for christmas, because we haven't been together for even 2 months yet, so I thought that a homemade gift would be a good idea. Problem is, I'm not sure what to make! Any good ideas? Please and thank you! :)

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What is a good unique christmas gift for a 13 year old girl?

This christmas I have no idea what to get my friends. I know for a fact I am giving them a homemade movie of our pics. And videos but I need something else...I will consider all gift ideas

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