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Blue crush scent

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Should I use Blue Crush or Armani cologne?

What kind of cologne do girls like best: Blue Crush or Armani?


what is the difference between dvd and blue ray?

what is the difference between dvd and blue ray you can really watch the difference or is just advertising.


Blue plaid mini???

does anybody know where you can buy a pleated, blue, plaid, mini skirt in seattle, thats not too short, but too long??


Does the PS3 play Blue Ray movies?

I want to get a PS3 but I am not sure I want it if I can't play Blu Ray movies on it. Does the new PS3 play the Blue Ray movies like the PS2 played DVD's?

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What to get my crush for Valentine's Day?

I really really like this guy... and we're kinda dating but not officially yet!! And I have NOOO IDEA what to get him for valentines day!! What should I get him?? He's 13!!


Does anyone know a website where I could find really fluffy blue slippers for girls?

They used to sell them at claire's but I didn't think about it at the time & my sister's birthday is comin up -______-


Blue jean vest

Ok I have a blue jean vest that is more of a dark denim and its really cute but every time I try and wear it my boyfriend says it dont look rite so can anybody tell me how I could wear it with different colors and styles...


What do I get my crush for christmas?

Im so confused I don't know what to get him.He plays football but I still dont knwo what to get him.Plus he might think its a lil weird that I got him a x-mas present what can I do?

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ordered a jacket EXACTLY like the blue one bella wears in twilight

ahhh today I ordered a jacket EXACTLY like the blue one bella wears in twilight! im sooo excited. but... it was 75.21. do you think its a waste of money. its a REALLLY cute jacket and its supposed to last a long time and theres not many being made.


Where is a good place to go to find a signature scent?

I want to find a good perfume to carry around with me or wear regularly, but would like a good selection to choose from, and perhaps someone who can help me find exactly what is right for me. Is there anywhere that I can go that offers that kind of thi...


Where to buy a blue conair hairdrying brush w/2 brushes that clamp?

I have a conair hair drying brush that is like a straightener that you clamp together but it is also like a dual sided brush. You section your damp hair and run the hair drying brush from the root to end. You clamp the two brushes together while the ho...


What's a good christmas present for a girl I have a crush on?

So me and this girl have mutal feelings for each other, meaning we both like each other a lot but we aren't going out or dating or anything..we hangout a lot but its not official..for christmas, I got her some massage oil from bath and body but I feel ...


What should I give my crush for his birthday?

In class the other day, my crush asked me if I had a pokemon game or a sp nintendo game system...I replied both questions with a yes..he asked if he could have both for his birthday...I told him id give him the game and not the game system because the ...


were do you find skinny jeans?

were do you get navy blue skinny jeans help me plsz?

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where can I find Denim skirts with patches?

Blue jean skirts that are at least to the knee and have some patches or holes with patches.


Do you have to get colored contacts (just for looks) from an eye doctor?

Do they sell them at any department stores, or any stores at all? I just wants some blue contacts, only for looks.


Is this the place to go to look up car prices? Kelley blue book? Has anyone used it for valuing their car?


Where can i buy neon green skinny jeans?

where can I get skinny jeans in like bright/neon blue green, yellow in size 12
cheap =/

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Brass knuckle jeans

I am looking for a pair of blue skater jeans with a white brass knuckle stain on the thigh. Could you tell me what brand or what kind of jeans they are


christofer drew, clothes.

does anyone know where I can find shirts, like what christofer drew wears, from never shout never!?

and his blue vest, and sweaters and stuff?


Where do you get red teen sized pointe ballet shoes?

I want them sooo badly, but I can't find them online anywhere!!! Oh! and where do you get blue pointe ballet shoes (teen sized)?

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Why do females need so many handbags?

A women only need 3 to 4 different handbags white black brown and blue. Thats it whats up with having green orange and all the other colors ..let me no whats up...


Best site to buy this sweater.

Ok nerd momment here, but I was wondering if there was a good site to buy the ravenclaw sweater. The blue one or the gray one.

My mom is buying me the tie, scarf, and hat to go with it ^^


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