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Birthday gift mom

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What kind of gifts do girls like for their birthdays?

What kind of gifts do girls like on there birthdays?...


Birthday gifts for a boyfriend..

What's a good gift I could give my boyfriend for his birthday.?

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What can I gift my cousin on her birthday?

She is 20 and loves jewelry. Any ideas?


What should I get my mom for her birthday?

It needs to be under 20 bucks... Not chocolate... Help! I need idea's!!

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what kinds of gift that fit for 17th birthday girl?

birthday gift for 17 years old girl. best gift for 17th birthday girl.

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Good gift for moms birthday?

I decided that I am getting my mom a pedicure at this pretty expensive spa, with 3 different types of face masks, a candle+incense, and a framed picture she loves of us in it
is that a good idea? Should I add anything or take anything away?
Let me know...

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What do you when you find out what your birthday present and its an expensive gift you dn't want?

How do I tell my parents I want them to return it when I open it on my birthday?


Good birthday gift for mom?

My moms birthday is on the same day as mine, and I want to know what I should get her. shes turning 35. I want something meaningful that has to do with the both of us. I was thinking of framing a picture she likes of us and putting it in a nice frame? ...

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21st birthday gift ideas

im almost 21 and im being asked by my parents and friends as to what it is I want for my 21st and im not sure what to ask for.


My wife's birthday gift

My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.


Wedding Gift For Mom!! :)

My Mom Is Getting Married Soon (Oct) And I Am A Bridesmaid. I Want To Get Her Something Really Special As A Wedding Gift But I Dunno What. Any Ideas.

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Ideas for a birthday gift for my dad?

He's turning 47 in two days and I know it's late but if you have any ideas of what to get him pleasee let me know.


Gift for boyfriend's birthday?

My boyfriend is turning 15 on june 30th
Im 13 ad I don't know what to get him
Any ideas?


21st birthday gift

I need to buy a 21st birthday gift for a girl. I asked her what she wanted, and she said "something thoughtful/personal" ...yeah, im at a loss here. any ideas?


What to get my best friend and Mom on their birthdays?

So my mom and my best friend both have their birthdays on the same day which sucks but my mom already said I could spend the day with her and then go in the night to celebrate my best friends birthday. I just don't know what to get both of them any ideas?

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Ideas for boyfriends birthday gift

I've been with him for 3 monthes.. but by his birthday it will be four monthes.

And I dont know what to get him.
Hes 15

Any ideas?

thank you

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wats the best birthday gift for him??

his birthday is coming up next month and im planning to give him a present. what shud I give him?? any ideas??

please help me..^^ thanks


What's a good birthday gift for my brother?

I want to buy a gift for my 20 year old brother. Tomorrow is his birthday and I am in confusion what is the best for him. I want to give him a gift which he alway remember. please suggest me.

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Gift ideas for a 16th birthday?

I have know idea what to get my friend for her birthday. Turning 16 is a big deal and it should be under 35 or so... I want it to b special she said itunes but I dont know. Any ideas?


What can I get my Mom for her birthday TODAY?

I'm trying to think of stuff for my mom cause it's her bday and I don't know what to do.
I need ideas for something fast. I need to do it today and soon so can you please help me?


What should I get my Mom for her birthday?

I want to get my mom a really great present for her birthday but I don't know what she would like. She does NOT want chocolate and last year we got her a foot bath. (she's turning 40-something) Any gift suggestions? or any day-out ideas?

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What is a good birthday gift for my Nephew?

My baby nephew is turning one on Saturday and I want to buy him an awesome gift. Something he will have for a while and something that isn't too expensive... (I'm kind of poor at the moment)... But I can't think of anything...


Birthday Gift for my Guy Friends

Wow... I need help. My friend's birthday is coming up and I really want to get him something nice. He is so hard to get stuff for... can someone help me with something that is pretty cool but isn't weird...

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Birthday gift tomorrow

my wifes birthday is tomorrow and i don't know what to give her. she has become very difficult when it comes down to me giveing her stuff. the word i'm looking for is very picky. i use to be a good shoper in getting her stuff but now i suck. any ideas?


birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma?

What birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma. I need to make them homemade too and I please dont make them need a lot of supplies. so basically they are just basic and easy to make. please help me, im completely out of ideas!


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