How do I get my six year old male cat to poop in the litter box?

We recently adopted him but he won’t use the litter box he is terrified of it

Answer #1

You have to make the litter box seem better to the cat. Make sure the litter box is in a room he doesn’t go into very often and try and force him to go in it at least once. The cat will realize that going there is preferable.

Also, the cat may be pooping everywhere right now to mark territory. Cats tend to do this in a new environment.

Answer #2

he pooping right next to the litter box but not in it. i tried to put him in it and he clawed me so much. :l

Answer #3

put the litter box in a quiet place and a couple times a day put it in the litter box till it learns and if its scared of the litter box maybe buy a new one im not so sure i never had a cat do that.

Answer #4

Try a few different kinds of litter to see if he has a preference.

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